Who is The Chattering Cat? Many may ask this question as this blog deftly flies over the boring water-cooler subjects that mark fluff media.

Chattering Cat is a not for profit organisation. A beacon of light that shines, bat-signal like, over the turgid mass of social media.

Chattering Cat is a part time philanthropist. An ageing punk rocker. A pierced princess.

Chattering Cat lives within all of us, the Chattering Cat is that voice that sounds in your head as you drop off to sleep, uttering a strange and vaguely disordered thought that snaps your eyes open in fear.

The Chattering Cat is you, is me. It’s your mother, your brother, the guy who empties your ashtray in a crowded pub, sweat dripping from his brow and a life wasted hiding behind his vacant brown eyes. Chattering Cat is the path you should have taken. The choices you should have made. She’s the girl you should have fucked at that party that time, just before Stuart gave you that shot of tequila that turned you as flaccid as an oyster.

The Chattering Cat is the guy who cut you off in traffic, putting you in the McDonald’s drive-thru at 10:32, and would those oily little bastards serve you an Egg McMuffin? No. One would think the world as we knew it would end if an English muffin hugging a piece of rubbery egg and too-yellow cheese were to leave the grimy drive-thru window after 10:30. Fuckers.

The Chattering Cat is everywhere. It follows your every move. Look out, the Chattering Cat may be behind you.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Your writing is so good that I had to read another posting of yours just to be sure that the posting I originally read was not a fluke of a once in a lifetime amazing blog. I got through the first two paragraphs when I decided, YEP, you are worth following. Can’t wait to my next belly roll out laughter. Move aside overrated nightly crunches I have a replacement and her name is Cat, Chattering Cat to be exact!

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