The Hymen Soliloquies

Four months ago I decided to become celibate. And it's going well. Okay, so 'well' isn't an adjective I'd use to describe my life at the moment, but it's been...interesting. Enlightening. My hymen is about to grow back, I haven't rubbed up against the dread-locked guy on the 438 bus yet, and the sex dreams … Continue reading The Hymen Soliloquies


Rusty Butter Knives and Baby Bunny Rabbits

I’ve been writing a lot about love lately. One post seems to jump off the back of the last. What started as 5000 semi-literate words on my computer has been cut and pasted into four rambling posts that probably sound like a maudlin episode of Growing Pains where questionable wisdom is imparted with a smug, … Continue reading Rusty Butter Knives and Baby Bunny Rabbits

All My Single Ladies…

Okay, so I broke. Not Facebook, but I am updating the blog. I can't help myself. I'm writing anyway, may as well edit and share the nonsense. It's quite difficult to stay off Facebook. I have to say I've cheated- a certain amount of Facebook is necessary for travelling, so I send trip related private … Continue reading All My Single Ladies…

CC Unplugged in Cambodia

I try not to hate on Facebook. It's incredibly hipster to do so, but I don't. I wouldn't say that I take it seriously, but I acknowledge that I can be useful for some things: getting in contact with old friends, keeping in touch with people, forging new connections...heck, I wouldn't have heard about Nelson … Continue reading CC Unplugged in Cambodia

But…if we can’t TELL everybody how fabulous our life is, how can we really enjoy it?

After visiting the Louvre, I can only come to one conclusion: nobody appreciates The Mona Lisa. It's true. It's constantly surrounded by tourists. Tourists who inch their way to the front, quickly snap an iPhone picture, turn, then leave. Seriously, what's the fucking point in that?! That's the equivalent of going to a concert and … Continue reading But…if we can’t TELL everybody how fabulous our life is, how can we really enjoy it?

Chattering Cat on Facebook

I'm trying to do something a bit different with this blog. I have created a Facebook page for Chattering Cat- complete with an adorable picture of an angry, drunk cat- and I ask that you follow me on Facebook. Seriously. I have a very fragile ego that is directly related to the positive feedback I … Continue reading Chattering Cat on Facebook

“Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me?”

I have been getting back into a band that I used to listen to in my early twenties called Lacuna Coil. For those not familiar with them, I believe “chick metal” may be a pretty apt description. Just picture Evanescence, only awesome, and without the gigantic corporate cock in their mouth. I was bored at … Continue reading “Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me?”

A big blue-and-white box of social media debates

I am in the midst of an almost Facebook war. I say 'almost' because I am waiting for a response to my last punchy and snappy comment. It has been a long, long time since I have found myself stirring any sort of pot on Facebook. The last time was when I posted the following … Continue reading A big blue-and-white box of social media debates