Fleurgen the Stereo Muppet

Six months ago I bought an $800 car- a dusty red Charade manufactured back when Paul Keating was Prime Minister. I dubiously christened her “Cherry Bomb”. She was bought from a fellow in Darlington. From there, Cherry travelled nine kilometres before having a hot flush and overheating on a busy road, ultimately forcing me to … Continue reading Fleurgen the Stereo Muppet


The Dutch Ride Side-Saddle

I was back in Amsterdam, drinking beers and picking apart Night and Day with The Kiwi when the Shooters Bar was first mentioned. It was a sort of travellers Mecca: cheap, fun, lax RSA and serving nothing but shooters. With a gleam in his eye, The Kiwi spoke of flaming shots deftly lit with blowtorches; … Continue reading The Dutch Ride Side-Saddle