Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Forehead

I’m getting dumber as I age, because in my 33rd year on this planet, I decided that it was time to inject poison into my head. Botox. God knows why. It was largely curiosity, which appears to be the driving force behind my every impetuous decision. And you should know that the word ‘largely’ is … Continue reading Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Forehead


Part 1: Havana Sure Can Suck

Friday Morning I was on my way to the Hemingway Museum when I had a conversation with a Cuban woman who initially mistook me for an extraordinarily pale local. When she found out I was travelling alone, she asked: "Are you nuts?" I laughed. "The possibility has been raised." She grinned, high fived me, and … Continue reading Part 1: Havana Sure Can Suck

Graded: F+

I worry that this is going to sound like a mediocre sociology essay. One that’s handed in a week past its due date. It has a coffee stain on the top left hand corner, and a stoner named Jeffro had to peel it off his backside the morning he woke up on the kitchen floor … Continue reading Graded: F+


Meditation Retreat Part 1: Escape from POP House

Like all bad ideas, it seemed like a good one at the time. Go to a retreat north of Bangkok over Christmas. Meditate with Buddhist monks. Learn mindfulness. Live simply. Unplug. Rest your mind. I lasted a day. One. Day. It wasn't the cold showers, the 2 inch slabs of foam on the floor that … Continue reading Meditation Retreat Part 1: Escape from POP House


My Old Lady

I was ambushed by a hobbit this morning. Not literally, of course. It pleases me to refer to short people as hobbits, in much the same way as it pleases me to see a midget run. It warms my heart. There is no greater pleasure in this life than watching a midget run. I highly … Continue reading My Old Lady