A Shitty Thing to Write About

It was a bus shelter empanada that made me break that bathroom in Cartagena. Three hours before consuming it, I was in a seedy cantina with my new friend, Atlanta: an ex-army medic and survivor of the Fort Hood massacre. Atlanta’s PTSD had pushed him to the north east of Colombia where he volunteered at … Continue reading A Shitty Thing to Write About


Oh, *nose boop* you humans.

Six years ago, I went for a sales job. It was one of those abhorrent group recruitment processes where they put a room of wannabes together and assign them ridiculous tasks, ultimately causing the recruits to transform into screeching, carnivorous toddlers that tear metaphorical flesh from bone with aspiration-sharpened milk teeth. We shredded each other like a … Continue reading Oh, *nose boop* you humans.

Voy a Surfear

I need to be honest with myself. The charade has to stop. Something happened today, and I simply can't lie to myself for one more moment. It doesn't matter who started it, who called who a cry-baby, it ends now. It's time to be an adult and admit one simple truth: I suck at surfing. … Continue reading Voy a Surfear

Kind-of, Almost Two Years Ago Today

Every year, on the anniversary of my divorce, I light scented candles, listen to Morrissey, cry, and play with myself. That's not true, silly. I just wanted a snappy opener. As boring as it is, I don't indulge in any bizarre, ritualistic behaviour on D-Day; but ironically, for the last two years, I have found myself on … Continue reading Kind-of, Almost Two Years Ago Today

The Adventures of CC and John West

Day of the Dead Sunday night, I found myself in the middle of a Day of the Dead parade, hurriedly looking over my left shoulder, with a pink iPhone shoved in my underpants. Yes. In my undies. Down the front. It's a sentence that will stop anybody from borrowing my phone ever again. Unfortunately for … Continue reading The Adventures of CC and John West

I don’t know what to call this. “Cemetery”? “Night & Day”? Meh. Who cares.

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Part 1: Havana Sure Can Suck

Friday Morning I was on my way to the Hemingway Museum when I had a conversation with a Cuban woman who initially mistook me for an extraordinarily pale local. When she found out I was travelling alone, she asked: "Are you nuts?" I laughed. "The possibility has been raised." She grinned, high fived me, and … Continue reading Part 1: Havana Sure Can Suck

The Sasquatch Factor Part 1

It's difficult when an anonymous blog gets read by people who know you. While I labour under the delusion that my writing can occasionally hit a level of refreshing candour, this blog has also contained the tongue-in-cheek phrase: “I have an enchanted pussy.” I cringe when people discover my writing. I have come dangerously close … Continue reading The Sasquatch Factor Part 1

Me llamo CC

I'm about to spend eight months backpacking through South America. So I’m trying to learn Spanish. I illegally downloaded the Learn Spanish with Michel Thomas series and have been spending hours wandering through a nearby park with my iPod in, speaking badly accented espanol out loud as bewildered cyclists speed by. Occasionally they understand me, … Continue reading Me llamo CC

Death’s Door

I nearly stepped on a dead bird the other night. I wasn't paying attention. I had trudged downstairs into the cold to buy toothpaste,when I saw it laying headfirst in the corner of my apartment block. A magpie. It's distinctive black and white tail still ruffling in the breeze. I did what any normal Sydneysider … Continue reading Death’s Door