The Hymen Soliloquies

Four months ago I decided to become celibate. And it's going well. Okay, so 'well' isn't an adjective I'd use to describe my life at the moment, but it's been...interesting. Enlightening. My hymen is about to grow back, I haven't rubbed up against the dread-locked guy on the 438 bus yet, and the sex dreams … Continue reading The Hymen Soliloquies


Ass, Gas, or Grass, Nobody Rides for Free

Six months after my marriage ended, I found myself on my first proper first date for the better part of a decade. It was with Young Man, a twenty-something fellow that I have mentioned in this blog before. He took me rock climbing. I politely listened to the lessons on how to belay, trying my … Continue reading Ass, Gas, or Grass, Nobody Rides for Free