Fleurgen the Stereo Muppet

Six months ago I bought an $800 car- a dusty red Charade manufactured back when Paul Keating was Prime Minister. I dubiously christened her “Cherry Bomb”. She was bought from a fellow in Darlington. From there, Cherry travelled nine kilometres before having a hot flush and overheating on a busy road, ultimately forcing me to … Continue reading Fleurgen the Stereo Muppet


Meditation Retreat Part 3 – Refusing the Kool-Aid

On the night before the retreat, I got to meet the participants and the volunteers. They were strange. All of them. Yes, I judged them. But it's fun... and it gives me something to talk about on the blog. The participants are an international bunch from England to the Czech Republic to the Philippines. Some … Continue reading Meditation Retreat Part 3 – Refusing the Kool-Aid