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Cropdusting Hipsters

31 Oct


It all started when I farted in yoga.

It happened once, twice, three times a lady flatulist.

Not many girls own up to a fart, so at first I pretended that the pop was simply a wayward hip joint being wrenched from its socket like a newly-weaned, puppy farm kelpie. It kept happening though: every class I’d cropdust inner-west hipsters like a leaky Vietnam war jet, blithely turning the yoga studio into a miasma of my own special brand of Agent Orange. And sure, those bastards were breaking wind in uttanasana waaaaaay before it was cool, but some poor fucker was going to get their improved flexibility with a side of asbestosis. Seriously, I was about to be swapped out of the class on an emissions trading scheme for a sacred cow. I had to do something. So I tried a champagne cork. My li’l butt-plug became a rogue missile that rebounded off the wall and wedged in my instructor’s man-bun. It nearly took his eye out, actually. Thank god he had those vintage horn-rimmed Ray-Bans on.

Blaming it all on poor digestion, I briefly turned vegan. That was an experience. A windy one: I didn’t realise that eating legumes would cause me to fart more. Why did nobody tell me that? I dropped my guts so often that I’m probably due for a stoma. And it’s fucking hard to be a vegan. Not because of what you can’t eat; but because you have to master a brand-new tone of voice. The most important part of being a vegan is telling everyone that you’re a vegan. And you have to learn to say this correctly. You want only a modicum of snarkiness. You should imply superiority without sounding grandiose. Do this wrong and you’ll get punched in the face. And you absolutely cannot get punched. Trust me. A physical blow is devastating to a vegan- they’re all dangerously low on iron because vegan food tastes like unwaxed cardboard, elder abuse and broken dreams.

Next I tried The Paleo Diet: one of the most baffling marketing gimmicks this side of a Toohey’s commercial. Paleo is astoundingly popular in Australia- Woolworths are in the process of creating a mastodon section in the frozen food aisle as you read this very paragraph, so it’s not likely to become extinct anytime soon. In my brief stint as a cavewoman, I discovered that you can eat a large variety of foods. Such as bacon and olive Paleo bread served with thick, creamy clarified butter.

I wasn’t aware that Cro-Magnon man cured meat. Or baked, actually. Is Betty Crocker that fucking old? And what cavewoman churned butter? Was that while getting Bubba Yum Yum to stop scrawling on the walls of the cave and consume their autism-averting bone broth? And I have a math problem for you: how much kombucha do I have to drink over what period of time before I get the ‘Pete Evans manic gleam’ in my eye?


That man is the Charles Manson of the food industry. Have you seen his Instagram page? It’s just drenched in clarified smug. I’m fairly certain that if you scroll backwards through it at a high velocity you’ll generate enough Newtownian energy to play Helter Skelter.

Another weird Paleo thing? Activated almonds. Yep, just because Pete Evans is a dick, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy his nuts. How do you activate nuts? Well, first you soak them in salt water- so the special, miracle Paleo enzymes are released- then you bake them over a low heat. And yes, cavemen totally did this. It’s how we evolved evolutionarily- activated almonds gave us the energy burst needed to outrun the sabre-tooth tiger. Everyone knows that. God, read a book. Activated nuts are easier on your colon, too. So not only will your anus love Pete Evans’ nuts, your shit won’t stink, either. I have to admit that my nuts felt awesome after they were activated. They were so salty and warm! I couldn’t stop playing with them. And I don’t know why Pete Evans doesn’t say to women, “Hey baby, do you want to come over to my place tonight and help me activate my nuts?”

There are people in this world who spend their time thinking about the dichotomy of capitalism and world peace. Me? Paleo pick-up lines.

Anyway, when my Paleolithic era died out, I latched onto the I Quit Sugar bandwagon and rode it to glory.

I Quit Sugar isn’t a diet. Sure, it involves drastically reducing your calorie intake and cutting out entire food groups- just like a diet- but it’s more than that. I Quit Sugar is a cult way of life. That will make you healthier. Glowier. Better at calculus. See, your body metabolises fructose differently to other sources of fuel. For example, when you drink Coca-Cola, your pancreas release insulin. You knew that, right? Well what you may not know- and I didn’t until I started reading Sarah Wilson’s blog- is that insulin then reacts with the soda, causing the glucose molecules to bind together to form a miniscule troll that will then take refuge in a pocket of your liver. Consume enough, and the pocket will begin to harden, calcify, and resemble a cave (this is why I Quit Sugar is so similar to the Paleo diet). If you keep consuming sugar, your body becomes acidic, and the troll will magically procure a pitchfork. The pitchfork then permeates the cells of your mitochondria to give you diabetes, adult acne, unfuckability, and high-magnitude emotional instability. Before you know it, you’re spinning off into a banshee’s orbit, screeching at people, dousing the world in vitriol because some lazy motherfucker forgot to refill the photocopier’s paper tray. Again. Bastard. This causes a chain reaction: the other person gets angry, stews on it, goes home, kicks the dog, slams the fridge door, and crushes their son’s 5th birthday cake- the Power Ranger one that the nice old lady down the street baked for him. The son will then grow up with soul-crushing feelings of inadequacy, which leads him to externalise, shag your only daughter, and dump her in front of the entire school, breaking her heart.

All because you drank a fucking Coke. Shame on you.

So, in summation: Sugar is evil. And, like Buffy, we must roundhouse kick it in the temple.

Odd things happened when I quit. My shopping trolley, for instance, was suddenly stuffed with kale, maca powder and coconut water.

Coconut water. Something that I once proclaimed to be “the only substance in the world less palatable than jizz.”

As the month wore on, my blood sugar levels stabilised, my stomach flattened, and my energy levels increased in direct correlation to my sense of puffed-up superiority. Before I knew it, I was becoming one of those horrible people that post their dinner to social media. Although, I must have retained some modicum of CC-ness because I added the hashtag ‘peteevansisadick’ to everything.

By day 35 I was running at 88% macrobiotic: almost at full Gwyneth. I felt amazing. I was a better person. Better than you. Better than Jesus. So I decided to bake brownies for everyone, which is what Jesus used to do for his disciples.

Don’t believe me? It’s true. Jesus used to bake all the fucking time. He wasn’t a Palestinian. He was a Paleotarian. It’s just a mistranslation. Pete Evans is writing a book about it. It’s self-published. Due out later this year. I believe it’s called, You have to eat Paleo to get into heaven. Apparently Bubba Yum Yum got smart from being fed bone broth instead of breast milk and wrote delicious recipes on the cave walls, which Jesus then found when he spent three days in there over Easter. He was resurrected to bring Paleo to the world. Where do you think the “loaves and the fishes” thing came from? It was smoked mackeral on gluten-free Paleo bread.

Anyway, since I’d been so healthy for so long, I decided to eat some batter. I dipped my finger in the mixing bowl, scooped out a large chunk of sugary happiness, and-

It all unravelled quite quickly.

I came to three hours later, snapping back into reality like a KGB sleeper agent who’d just heard their trigger phrase. I was on my kitchen floor, foetal, with a mixing bowl on my head. Around me, a nest of sugar packets, brownie batter, a mangled rubber chicken, clotted cream, and pinking shears. I have no recollection of what happened and my thongs are still missing. It’s possible that I traded them for some sugar. Or a rubber chicken. And I spent the next seven days consuming more chocolate than Honey Boo Boo’s entire family- including the inbred, extended brother-cousins. I was more saccharine than Delta’s post-leukemia album.

Banning sugar had given me a total ‘don’t push the red button moment’, and when I allowed myself to linger within the vicinity of the button again I not only touched it, but licked it, fondled it, and spanked it with synthetic poultry. I needed a detox day, I told myself. 24 hours where I consumed nothing but vegetables and green tea. That’d pull me out of Willy Wonka’s rabbit hole. I’d reset everything and I’d be okay.

I made it to 5pm before driving to the shops and purchasing a large jar of Nutella, which I then consumed for dinner.

That’s not true.

The double bacon cheeseburger with extra avocado (that’s a vegetable…right?!) was my dinner. The Nutella became dessert. A dessert that I ate directly from the jar with a tablespoon while wearing little more than shame, a basketball jersey and a pair of Batman knickers. Well, I could only bring myself to eat ¾ of it before coming to my senses and throwing it in the bin.

Okay, that isn’t true either.

I consumed roughly ⅞ of the jar before digging the remaining slivers out with my fingers, smearing them across my cheeks like war-paint, and watching Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson on Netflix, because when I cross that sticky brown line into debauchery, my instinct is always to round it like a marathon runner and sprint into the forest faster than a Delorian trying to travel through time.

At 32 years old I should know what I can and can’t do in relation to dieting. Unfortunately, I’m not the kind of person that can airily attend a few extra spin classes and skip dessert in order to fit into last summer’s bikini. When I diet, it starts as, “I’m only allowed to eat broccoli and cottage cheese, upside-down in a darkened room, while an organic lemon myrtle candle burns,” before eventually degenerating to, “So, I’ve spent the morning burning myself and smearing Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream into the wounds while crying and listening to The Smiths.”

So I quit quitting sugar because I didn’t want to be a quitter anymore. I had to. I Quit Sugar nearly turned me into Sally Struthers. So I threw the whole thing away and decided to face reality, to be a grown-up and be honest about where my digestive issues stem from.

Blocked chakras. Obviously. Specifically the sacral one.

So I’ve just booked the Flowering Lotus Spiritual Retreat. It promises to be a “magical journey through Mother India” which includes meditation, reiki, introspective rituals of the sacred goddess and, for some lucky participants, a Delhi Belly purifying cleanse. Inner Peace is guaranteed in the fine print and since I’ve booked before December 1st, I receive a free colonic irrigation upon arrival. Woo!

Jesus was a Pisces

30 Aug

I begin this post, safe in the knowledge that I am going to offend some people.

It is not my intention.

But, just like a coeliac eating cake in an elevator, I should probably apologise in advance.

I speak, of course, about religion.

During my late teens and early twenties I rallied against many things, and when “The Man” and the Howard Government got a break, religion copped it. As I have gotten older I have mellowed, and now accept that I don’t have the right to tell people what they shouldn’t believe in, in much the same way that people don’t have the right to tell me what I should. I have met some deeply cool people who are deeply religious, and they have made me realise that I can’t tar everybody with the same fundamentalist brush. Plus, atheists who try and shove their anti-religious ideation down people’s throats have much in common with Jehovah’s Witnesses. So, colour me “respectful atheist”. Zen atheist. Realistically, none of us know what waits after death. We aren’t, you know, dead. Or reborn. Or omniscient. Or something. We just have an idea. I have an idea, I like my idea. Don’t try and force your idea on me and I won’t poke holes in yours. Deal? Deal.

I should point out that it’s not an easy stick being an atheist. If I were to get terminal cancer tomorrow, I would have nowhere to turn. I don’t believe in a beautiful land filled with naked dead relatives, and I couldn’t find solace in prayer, or the communal nature of church. Atheists live without safety nets. To me, life is shorter because this is the only chance I will get to be CC. No rebirth. No afterlife. No second chance. There’s only blackness for me at the end. It’s confronting. Next time you have a pain in the ass atheist in front of you, remember that. Pat them on the head or something.

I’m sure they’ll love that.

Not condescending at all.

And, to be fair, I also used to tease non religious people. My ex was an atheist as well, and I used to insist on watching HillsongTV just to wind him up. Or, I would sing Kumbaya loudly when we were grocery shopping just to annoy/embarrass him. I know. I’m a painful girlfriend. He had to squirt me with the hose in the produce section just to shut me up. Then I yelled ‘domestic abuse!’ and we may have had to quickly abandon the trolley and shop elsewhere.

Anyway, once upon a time, instead of sending warm wishes to my friends and family at Christmas, I would send out rapid fire text messages: Jesus wasn’t born today. Jesus was a Pisces. Hence the fish metaphor. He was probably a Palestinian, too. If he ever existed, that is. Happy Holidays xx

Speaking of Christmas, I spent it with an ex one year. His mother was deeply religious. She welcomed us, and told us that it was beautiful weather to celebrate the birth of our one Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. After hearing this, I may have inwardly retched, which may have lead me to point out that the origins of Christmas Day probably trace back to the pagan tradition of Summer Solstice, not the birth of Jesus.
“I beg your pardon?”
CC: I just read this book which talks about where a lot of the mythology and symbolism in the Christian religion comes from, and-
“Oh, you read it in a book, did you?”
CC: Well, to be fair, you read that he was born in a manger in a book as well. It’s just that my book wasn’t written by people who thought the earth was flat.
Shortly after the turkey sailed at my head, I would learn that soup kitchens are quite depressing places to eat at on Christmas Day.

I used to work with a kid who belonged to Hillsong Church. I could barely contain my glee. Despite mellowing, I am still very anti-Hillsong. I think that if you are going to tell your followers that giving any less than 10% of their gross income is “robbing God”, you can spend the money in better ways than building flashy new auditoriums. Feeding the poor, perhaps? How about giving some of your annual $55 million income to AIDS charities in Africa? Isn’t greed meant to be one of the 7 Deadly Sins? I don’t care how much charity work they force their parishioners to do; they are a crew of capitalist scumfucks ripping off the tax laws for their own benefit.

I used to poke this Hillsong boy like a small child poking a panda at the zoo. Often I would start arguments about nothing, that would lead nowhere, just to wind him up. Such as on Easter Sunday:
CC: Jesus rose from the dead, hey?
CC: How is that even possible?
“He’s the son of God.”
CC: Can I rise from the dead?
CC: Why not?
“You aren’t a boy”
CC: What if I was the daughter of God?
“That doesn’t exist.”
CC: Well, that’s a bit sexist.
“You aren’t, anyway.”
CC: How do you know?
“Because you don’t believe in him”
CC: How do you know that this isn’t a test of your faith? Wasn’t Jesus meant to return to earth at some point?
“You aren’t Jesus!”
CC: See, I’d consider that a failure of the test.

Another time, he laughed at me for believing in evolution. I pointed out that it’s only based on facts. You know what a fact is, right? The irrefutable thing? Not the campfire stories that litter your precious book. He replied, “You believe we come from monkeys? Ha ha ha! Well, I don’t know about you, but I am a man, not a monkey!” I would later discover, when watching HillsongTV, that the unimaginative little fucker had just regurgitated a quote from Brian Houston. At the time, I pointed out that chimps share more DNA with humans than they do with other chimps. He wasn’t convinced. Hmm. Did he know that humans share DNA with bananas, too? Then I offered him a banana. Just to confuse him. Was I calling him a monkey? Or was it forced cannibalism? He never worked it out, and to be honest, neither did I.

Looking back, what I did to this poor kid could be classed as bullying. At the very least I was a condescending bitch. I reasoned that, although he was smaller than me, his idiotic opinions made him slightly larger, if only from the neck up.

Plus, I was working for Gloria Jean’s at the time, which sucked all kinds of ass. They were so stingy that we had to supply our own meat for the Christmas Party BBQ, which was held at a staff member’s house. Someone stole my boyfriend’s steak. He went hungry. And then a fifteen year old acted drunk after drinking non-alcoholic champagne. All in all, it was a very dark time and I don’t blame myself for baiting the odd Christian. Gloria Jean’s is owned by people from Hillsong, incidentally.

At this point in my life, I respect your religious beliefs, whatever they may be. I wouldn’t dream of doing any of these things now. Jesus-fucking Christ, no WAY. I may have embellished these stories…but only to make them funnier. Or myself seem wittier. In real life, I don’t think as quickly as I type. But, “never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn.”

I managed to take the lord’s name in vain AND quote a mass murderer in the same paragraph.

Nice way to round it all off.