Cropdusting Hipsters

It all started when I farted in yoga. It happened once, twice, three times a lady flatulist. Not many girls own up to a fart, so at first I pretended that the pop was simply a wayward hip joint being wrenched from its socket like a newly-weaned, puppy farm kelpie. It kept happening though: every class I'd cropdust … Continue reading Cropdusting Hipsters


Zen and the Art of Googling Random Nonsense

After upending a display in Coles before storming out of the store this afternoon, I'm wondering if I should perhaps try to harness my inner zen. Okay, so that didn't happen, but lately I have been pondering the benefits of meditation. This year has been a bit...unusual, I suppose. I don't think that "unusual" is … Continue reading Zen and the Art of Googling Random Nonsense