Rant in C

This post must be prefaced by a confession that comes by way of an admission. I'm not an innocent within the realm of animal cruelty. When I was six, I had a dog named Magnum. He was this skinny, brown hybrid, and by ‘hybrid’, I mean: gorgeous, but dumb. Much like a high school P.E. … Continue reading Rant in C



Despite the fact that I never enter them at home, I find myself hanging out in churches a lot when I travel. Not because I seek answers, or peace- I just think they are pretty. And God's pad can be a good place to gather your thoughts, actually. If I could smoke and drink beer … Continue reading CC & JC

Jesus was a Pisces

I begin this post, safe in the knowledge that I am going to offend some people. It is not my intention. But, just like a coeliac eating cake in an elevator, I should probably apologise in advance. I speak, of course, about religion. During my late teens and early twenties I rallied against many things, … Continue reading Jesus was a Pisces