Too Many Hashtags

#whoopsie In November I spent two weeks in Samoa on a clinical placement for an unnamed university, who will remain as such because I’m paranoid that naming it will see me expelled. And I need this fucking degree: one evening, I was chatting to two students—Copper, an ex-detective; and Vag, a fellow enrolled nurse. Copper … Continue reading Too Many Hashtags


The Charisma Effect

A few weeks back, I was out with two friends, Bestie and Mr Charisma. We were at a Breaking Bad farewell party. I was at the bar with them both, chatting happily to the young bartender as he made our cocktails. As part of the evening, we were given cute little promotional things, such as … Continue reading The Charisma Effect

Romance Wrapped in Masturbation References

I am a single lady, which I am fine with in a, now put your hands up, oh oh oh, kind of way. There are upsides to being single. It affords me time to write. My spare time is spent busily weaving blankets of bad grammar and adult themes. I wrap these blankets around clumsily … Continue reading Romance Wrapped in Masturbation References