A Shitty Thing to Write About

It was a bus shelter empanada that made me break that bathroom in Cartagena. Three hours before consuming it, I was in a seedy cantina with my new friend, Atlanta: an ex-army medic and survivor of the Fort Hood massacre. Atlanta’s PTSD had pushed him to the north east of Colombia where he volunteered at … Continue reading A Shitty Thing to Write About


Me llamo CC

I'm about to spend eight months backpacking through South America. So I’m trying to learn Spanish. I illegally downloaded the Learn Spanish with Michel Thomas series and have been spending hours wandering through a nearby park with my iPod in, speaking badly accented espanol out loud as bewildered cyclists speed by. Occasionally they understand me, … Continue reading Me llamo CC

This is long. And angry…”CC’s rant about idiots.”

Maybe I have been away for too long, maybe the world is made up of equal amounts of dipshits and cool people. In any event, some travellers in South East Asia are starting to shit me. Especially, for some reason, young American and English tourists. It seems that if you get a privileged white kid, … Continue reading This is long. And angry…”CC’s rant about idiots.”